Bebusch Hungaria

Within the framework of a government subsidy Bebusch Hungária started the construction of its first production plant as a greenfield investment in the Oroszlány Industrial Park in 1999.  The construction itself with the corresponding infrastructure and the purchase of machinery had a total investment value of 300 million forints. In 2002 this was further increased by the construction of another factory building and more production capacity.
In 2010 the production machinery went through a considerable renewal. The measuring lab was also reequipped with  new machines, among others a 3D CNC measuring equipment.
The employees have got a more modern and friendlier diner room where trainings and other events can be held too. The IT system has been refreshed as well. The outdated network infrastructure has been replaced by an up-to-date one and that is when the implementation of the ABAS ERP system has started.

The construction of the third factory unit, the tool workshop and further machinery purchase were realized from another government subsidy granted to the company under the Széchenyi Plan.

 for more information about the award if the  available 

In 2016-17 there was another enlargement.

The construction of the 4th hall and the expansion of the office building allowed for a more efficient deployment of the warehouse, the more spacious room of the measuring laboratory enabled the acquisition of several measuring instruments (eg measuring scanners).

Our production capacity was expanded with the introduction of new machines.