Bebusch Hungaria

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BEBUSCH Ltd. is committed to meeting the legal and other requirements of environmental protection, to prevent pollution and continuously strives to improve its environmental performance.

-  We have determined our environmentally relevant stakeholders, we monitor their specific and latent expectations. 

-  Our goal is to meet and improve the expectations of our stakeholders on environmental protection with optimum cost, compliance with ISO 14001: 2015 standards, labor safety requirements, statutory and statutory requirements

-  We have taken into account our values, opportunities and weaknesses in the environmental context, along with our environmental risks.

-  Commitment to environmental protection is a deliberate attitude of the management and all employees of Bebusch Hungária Kft.

-  We strive to discover, minimize and eliminate the risks posed by our technology to the environment.

- We handle our environmental factors that have a significant impact, we pay special attention to our resulting waste, our plans include reducing their quantity and promoting their recycling.

- Only raw materials that are least dangerous to our health and our environment are selected for the selection of ingredients and auxiliaries for packaging.

-  We monitor our energy consumption, with special regard to electricity consumption.

-  Designing and implementing new investments and technological developments, we take into account all environmental factors.

-  In line with environmental policy, we have set ourselves environmental goals, and we have established a system of measurability of results for objectivity.

  The fulfillment  of the objectives is kept under continuous control.

-    When designing a working environment, we take into account the protection of health and create the conditions for safe working, 

 while respecting environmental and product safety at all times.

- Our goal is to continuously develop our environment-based system based on real-world data, active participation of our employees in environmental protection, prevention and reduction of

- Our company intends to fulfill and develop the required goals towards ourselves, thus contributing to the achievement of the highest satisfaction of our stakeholders.

Zoltán Tokai

General Manager

Our certificates:

KIR - MSZ EN ISO 14001: 2015

EIR - EN ISO 50001: 2012

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